Thursday, January 29, 2009

How To Edit and Build Your Wardrobe Step III: Learn From Your Mistakes


you need: full length mirror, pad and pencil

Make a list of the reasons why you are getting rid of what you've edited to create your personal shopping rules. Identifying your bad habits will help you avoid making them in the future. In the next post I'll give you some basic rules that everyone should adhere to when shopping, but now you need to find those specific to you.

  • Continuing to shop a certain brand or at a certain store that you always have, but for whatever reason doesn't work for you anymore.
  • Buying pieces that are uncomfortable; specific fabrics, style and/or cut like high or low waisted pants, stilettos or too high heals.
  • Buying pieces that don't flatter you; specific colors, style and/or cut like crew or v-neck tops, cropped pants, certain length skirt/dresses.
  • Buying something you think you're supposed to have, but actually don't love wearing; specific colors or type of clothing like button-down shirts, turtlenecks, pinstripes.
  • Shopping with someone who influences/pushes you into buying things you ultimately don't love.

Anyone can give you tips on how to edit your closet. The point of these posts is to help you figure out what does and does not work for you so you don't continue to edit bags and bags full of clothes every year. To help you save time, energy, and money and to help you look your best.

Last step, Shopping Smart...


Unknown said...

But what if you still love your bad habits???? Can you ever be trusted to have a neat wardrobe?

laura said...

it's not about having a 'neat' wardrobe, just one you actually like! (being neat isn't the same as being organized). but hey, don't change anything if you are happy with the way things are... if it ain't broke...

i will be doing a post on how to cheat being neat if you are naturally messy coming soon...

Unknown said...

Can't wait for the cheat your way to neat post ... I need it!