Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reader's Questions: Organizing and Storing Kid's Toys

"One area I always have a hard time organizing is kid's closets and toys. Could you do a post on how to tackle all the toys and small bedrooms? My first instinct is to put shelves in the closets with bins and label all the bins accordingly but I wonder if there is a better solution. Thanks for your help."

You don't have to reinvent the wheel just because you're dealing with kids. Like every other area in the house, make it as easy as possible to use and store your things.

Bins are a great solution that can be done on any budget. Designate a category for each bin: legos, dolls, cars, etc. Make a hand written label with a little drawing, or use a label maker with a photo you take yourself and print out, then tape it to the bin/box. And as your kids get bigger, the bins can be repurposed to hold books, clothes, or whatever else. You can also repurpose what you have; a dresser, a bookshelf, or any other furniture you may have on hand.

I strongly encourage parents to teach their children how to organize and make your kids put things back where they belong. Think of a kindergarten class; the room is organized by activity, all things have a place, and ALL the kids clean up after each activity before moving onto the next.

I hope this helps!


ofhandandsoul said...

Hi Laura!!! Great blog.


laura said...

thanks george!

Kara said...

Thanks Laura - just what I was thinking.

And perhaps too many toys is really the problem. :)

laura said...

absolutely kara! editing is key as well as limiting how many toys come in (as best you can)


Customized labels said...

Thank you for the reminder. Your "visual" commentary made me laugh and think. I had all I needed to create my labels, but I kept pushing it back on the list. They are made now and ready to be added to my bags. such a timely article, lots of jewelry designers have been talking about this too. I just ordered a tiny stamp to hallmark my pieces. thanks, Vanessa.