Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Library: Cable Management

The amount of cables for this television and its components is pretty ridiculous! Though the table top has a hole in the back to allow cable to pass through to the plug underneath (pic 3), it doesn't help the cables that are connecting the components together.

There are a number of products out there to contain and to minimize the look of the cables but I generally try to avoid having to buy any of them. Hiding them behind something usually works just fine.

Here I cut a hole in the back of a black cardboard box (the client already had it, I think a fancy candle came in it) and placed it under the component on the right to tuck the remaining cables in (pic 4 + 5). Most people, including her husband, didn't notice the box until we pointed it out.

Last, I pushed the components as far back to the wall as possible to keep the cables in place and with the television mounted as it is, the cables are really not too visible as you're standing in front of the table (pic 1). Now, if this client wasn't happy with this, I would push it to the next level and maybe make some kind of cover to rest atop of the back of the components to completely hide them. Most likely using a piece of colored cardboard.


Gina S said...

Cable clutter is such a problem! My home is very organized and tidy, but I just can't seem to figure out what to do with the cables. TV mounted on the wall with a stereo, speakers, cd player, ipod, turntable - my computer, spouses computer with printer, more speakers, headphones, extra monitors, keyboards, router, subwoofer, mouse (2!) UGH!!!!I Plus the chargers for the phones, kindle, another ipod.... oh I am getting panicky just thinking about it.
Thanks for writing - I enjoy your blog.

Victor D. Vargas said...

Thanks for your great post for making our table tidy and clean. When we can follow cable management system, that's make our table very tidy its always true. So that this post remembered me for creating my table tidy.