Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Home Office (Almost Finished) Make-Over

in progress, almost done:
(click image for larger view)

Many clients just need me to help them to a certain point of a project which they can then finish on their own. This client needed help with the larger issues of setting up his home office; where things should go and how, what order to tackle things, hanging his posters, etc. I helped him go thru some things then he finished the smaller things like organizing his books and papers on his own.

I took one of the two low bookshelves that were lined up to the right and stacked it on top of the one of the left. Having the two next to each other made getting in the closet tight but he really needed the storage so we needed to keep it somehow. We were hoping to clear out the closet to make room for two of the three file cabinets but a pipe only gave us room to fit the one, so we stacked the other two in the back.

There's still a large lucite poster to be hung next to the Escher that you can see the top of behind the bookcase, we didn't have the proper hardware to hang it.

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