Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Hampers You Can Live With

Hampers are the worst. Most people, especially those with limited space, keep them in their bedroom and there's seriously nothing less sexy than an open bin of dirty clothes.  If it must be out, I suggest a beautiful lidded version, one that is seamless with your decor. 

The senegalese storage baskets from Serena & Lily are fantastic and come in a few different color options (not shown). The Seagrass Hamper from BrookFarm General Store is subtle and lovely.

The large woven sedona hamper from Crate and Barrel is a long time favorite. And last but not least, this small zipped soft box (which I have) from Muji. Small enough to fit practically anywhere, I have it hidden under my desk.

And don't limit these to just laundry. They're great for storing linens, towels, or even children's toys....


Anonymous said...

Those are such beautiful hampers!

Anonymous said...

I love these! But hate the idea of cleaning them once they become dusty (I've watched my mom's wicker baskets get dusty and have no idea how I would clean them save with compressed air). Do you have any suggestions?

laura said...

yes, great question. simply use the brush accessory on your vacuum to vacuum the dust off. this is how i clean most of the things in my apt inccluding books. one of the main reasons i prefer a canister vacuum to an upright whose hose attachment can be annoying to use.