Friday, September 21, 2012

The Weekend House: Floor Plan

After studying the pictures, and thinking about their needs, here's the proposed floor plan. Working with this and the budget, I sourced pieces, some temporary (dining table, sofa, living area rug) while others are hoped to be kept long term (dining chairs , dining area rug). The budget is nice but modest so the goal is to make it look, feel, and function nicely as soon as we can so they can really start enjoying the space. 

They sent me the progress shots (shown). The next step is to finalize choices of the pieces we're missing and figuring out new solutions for those pieces in the proposed floor plan that didn't work once they measured things out in the actual space (which you MUST do before buying anything) like the desk in the back room and the dresser in the bedroom. 

The next post will show you the paint colors we selected. From there, then we can talk about the details like pillows, window treatments, etc. Oh! they tossed a sheet over the bay window in the dining area since it looks directly into their neighbors house. 

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Danielle said...

Hi Laura! I love your blog and am so inspired by your work. I have a question relating to your dressing space:
I used to store my garments on a rack, which was beautiful and very convinient for me, but unfortunately after a while I started to find little holes in my clothes! I've been told by a friend that these were definitley caused by silverfish or moth (make no mistake - my home is very clean! It's just that I like fresh air and keep my windows open most of the time). From that point on, I stored my clothes in cheap wardrobes which I bought from ikea, and it's quite ugly :(

So my question to you is how do you cope with moths and such? I think I would be too afraid to ever store my garments outside of closet with closed doors without knowing that there is a solution...