Sunday, October 7, 2012

What I Did Today: Shoe Cabinet + Elfa Closet



The first day with this new client we did a much needed edit and rearrangement of her clothes closet.  

The original shoe shelves were killing her nice little walk-in closet making it a pain to access the back left hanging area. I personally think these hanging shoe shelves are the worst. Shoes always fall off, you can't put low heal or flats on them and they come out so far from the wall. I designated the freestanding cabinet (that may or may not be switched out for a larger unit), for shoes and jewelry. Both the cabinet and the closet are sooo much nicer now, in looks and in functionality.

On the left wall we're going to hang an oversized bulletin board for inspiration pics, notes and her many many beautiful necklaces.

These are progress shots. I'll keep you posted as we go....


Clare S said...

Good idea to alternate the way the shoes face to save space. So obvious when you think about it, but I never do.

laura said...

i only do it if i can fit an extra pair, depending on the space, it sometimes doesn't help...


Amanda said...

Do you install the Elfa Closet system yourself? And about how much would that cost? Thank you, love your work!

laura said...


thanks so much! this client had this system installed way before we met. but the cost for something like this, would be around $400 roughly + install

they sell it at the container store and there's free design services in store.