Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Discreet Shoe Cabinet


I must admit I love it when I walk into a space and see obvious solutions to problems. This client lives in a one bedroom and wanted me to help her get her closets in better order (as the rest of her space was pretty good when I arrived). The first thing I suggested was my favorite, the high gloss white Besta cabinet (which at the moment isn't on the Ikea website...) to get her shoes out of her tight bedroom closet. 

It fills the space seamlessly and holds all her shoes and a few evening handbags. She's very happy that it fits perfectly under her existing shelves as am I.


eNia said...

Can you give me a hidden solution for boots too? Thanks!

laura said...

the shelves in this unit are removable and adjustable so you can use it for boots too!


Unknown said...

hi laura- what was the depth of the besta that you used? i'm assuming it is the 15" one to be able to fit the shoes? i love the idea and am thinking about using it for my entry!! thanks!

laura said...

yes it's the 15" depth. the 7" one would be ok for kids shoes....