Monday, February 16, 2009

Cheat Your Way To A Neat Closet: Shoe Storage

(click on bolded text for link) OK, first, any extreme weather shoes or boots should live in your coat closet so they don't take any valuable room in your clothes closet. Your remaining shoes should be separated by season and special occasion. The off-season ones can be placed in an underbed shoe bag, stacked in clear plastic shoe boxes, or placed in shoe bags or ziplocks and carefully placed in a box. The clear plastic shoe boxes are great to keep your special occasion shoes handy but safe.

If you don't have off-season shoes (I'm in NYC so I tend to forget some of you don't have seasons), you could use any of the previously mentioned pieces if you don't have room in your clothes closet. If you do have room, depending on how big your closet is and how many shoes you have, I love the simple ones (two stacked) shown in the first pic. I like the fact that the shelves are solid instead of the open wire ones which are good for men's shoes but not necessarily for women who wear heals. What I don't like is the space between shelves is not high enough for my taller heals and I'm only a size 6 1/2. But this is a simple enough design to make on your own to your specific dimensions.

Over the door ones aren't my first choice since they can be bulky and I like to have a mirror and hook on the door instead. But if you must, the one in the second pic is a new favorite for those who have 30 pairs of current season shoes. The canvas over the door ones are ok but only store one shoe per pocket so only hold about 12 pairs. I also like this one in black fabric.

If you have a lot of shoes I love the idea of using a bookcase for shoe storage. I also love these drawers and the software to print out your own labels. Or these ($$$) boxes which come in many colors and have a slot on the front for you to put a picture.

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