Saturday, March 14, 2009

How To Get Organized For Good Step III: Edit and Sort (Continued)

You've made your immediate decisions and now your onto your maybe items (considering all things are in usable or fixable condition). I don't believe in getting rid of something for the sake of getting rid of it. I believe in being honest about how and if you will actually use something. The main two questions to keep in mind:

Will keeping this help me create my vision for my space?
Will keeping this inhibit me from creating my vision?

  • It may be useful someday; there are people out there that would love to use it now.
  • So and so gave it to you and you don't love and use it.
  • Personal memorabilia that you feel you should keep; keep only the things that you still have a positive reaction to. If you happen to have a lot and don't have the means to store them properly, try taking a picture of the larger, bulky or delicate items and pass on the item itself. If you are nervous, take the picture, box up the item and see how you feel about it after a designated period of time. If this is family memorabilia ask other family members if they would like anything you are thinking of getting rid of.
  • You haven't used it in a year (or two or three...); if it's because you didn't know you had it or couldn't access it but believe you will use it.
  • You have multiples of something that will eventually be used up (as opposed to something like a utensil or tool); think about how much you have, how long it will take to use up and if it will stay good that long. Sometimes it's just a matter of not having to buy something for a while.

The main thing is this process doesn't have to be completed all now. When in doubt keep something and revisit it later. Most of my clients get through this process much easier after knowing they aren't being forced into getting rid of anything. This releases their anxiety and allows them to think freely about how they really want to use their things and space.

Keep any furniture and storage items like bins, boxes, etc until the end of the whole process since you may find a different use for it.

Please feel free to contact me if you need advice on whether to keep or toss any specific items....

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