Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How To Get Organized For Good Step IV: Reassess What's Left

Step #4: Reassess What's Left

Bring all your sorted things to the area you would like them to ultimately be: all kitchen items in kitchen, office supplies in office area, etc.
At this point you may have more things you can still get rid of (or donate) which is great, but do it as you go, don't stop and start the whole editing process again.

Look through your existing storage pieces to see what you can reuse to store what's left. This may take some time to try different things to see what works best. If you got rid of a lot during the edit stage, the storage pieces you already have may work just fine now. If you find you need to get a bookcase or cabinet, keep the items that will be stored there in the area to keep your space from getting cluttered again.

Keep in mind that some people like their things out and other put away. I personally like my things put away which is why I have boxes and bins. Neither way is right or wrong it's just what's right for you. (Although, in your clothes closet, the more stuff you have out and can easily see, the more likely you are to wear it).

  • Use storage pieces in a way they may not be 'meant' to be or in a way you haven't tried before; using votive holders to hold perfume samples.
  • Store according to frequency of use; most frequent within arms reach, least used on higher or lower shelves or back of closets.
  • Extras of things don't need to be out; extra toiletries should be in a bin or box under the sink or in the linen closet, not taking up valuable space in the medicine cabinet.
  • Label boxes and bins as necessary.
  • Ziplock bags!!
  • Take advantage of adjustable shelving, especially in kitchen cabinet, to make things easily accessible.
  • Keep the number of categories of things in one area (box, drawer, closet) to a minimum to make it easy to remember where things are.

The next and last step is to figure out what if any new things you may need to fill in the storage gaps: new containers, cabinets, shelving...


Anonymous said...

I love your blog!

Anonymous said...

Excellent advice. I made the mistake of buying boxes and containers with every visit to IKEA (three times a year) and now that I'm tossing items, I have an abundance of containers..and may need to give them away. Who'd have thought? Not enough items to fill the boxes. WOO HOO.

Anonymous said...

Love this acrylic table!! Do you mind me asking where you bought it? ;)

laura said...

i bought the rolling acrylic table at Pottery Barn Teen a number of years ago. It came as a set of two. The only thing close I've seen since is from CB2, their peekaboo collection.