Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Big Switch

Spring is approaching NYC so of course I'm thinking about switching out my closet!

  • clean anything that needs it, don't forget about coats, hats, scarves
  • fix and/or polish winter shoes and boots
  • toss, donate or sell anything you're ready to let go of, keep anything you are unsure of

  • clean your closet from top to bottom to keep clothes moths (and other pests) away
  • keep in any transitional pieces you're still wearing, they can go away later
  • iron or steam spring/summer items all at once now, but don't bother doing items being stored
  • lay clothes flat when putting in boxes, folding as little as possible to keep from getting so wrinkled
  • take clothes out of the dry cleaner's plastic, they need to air out the chemicals used. put the plastic in handbags and/or shoes to keep their shape

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