Saturday, August 29, 2009

Apartment Progress... Bathroom Transformation

- installed 4 of the 5 shelves on back wall (cost: existing shelves $0, brackets $5, installation $30)
- put in new bath mats (cost: $20)
- installed towel, robe and misc hooks (cost: $12)
- styled/decorated (cost: $0 existing)

- install remaining shelf
- get curtain for shower stall
- repaint back wall; dark grey??
- repaint rest of walls white; there's a red hue now
- install mirror across from medicine cabinet
- replace medicine cabinet

When decorating I only like to do what is absolutely necessary, not only to save money, but time and energy. Normally I'd just leave the medicine cabinet but it's ugly and in bad shape; outside looks like it's been chewed and there's water damage on the inside. Since the vanity has plenty of storage room, I figured it would be less expensive to replace it with a mirror not another cabinet. Also I'll have better luck reusing a mirror than a cabinet if I move again. I picked up this one today from Yesterday's News for $45. I plan on painting it either high gloss white or an accent color like turquoise... still deciding.


mri said...

"When decorating I only like to do what is absolutely necessary, not only to save money, but time and energy."

YES!! :-) I blame HGTV and all the shelter blogs and mags for the incredulous looks I get when I say, "I could but I don't feel like it." The latest suggestion I got was that I should rip out my adequate bathroom and install a spa. Um, yeah. I need a spa so I can floss and shave my legs in luxury. If I want to relax, I'll read a good book. Geez (but if you want a spa, by all means go for it).

laura said...

yeah, there's a lot of this sense of 'change everything"!

i talked a client out of taking the popcorn ceiling out of her 50sqft galley kitchen today. first of all she's renting and i never even noticed the ceiling. i talked her into putting the money she would have paid to have it done into a beautiful chandelier for the dining area, a central piece for the space.