Friday, September 18, 2009

Apartment Progress... Bathroom Transformation

- installed remaining shelf
- repainted walls white
- installed mirror across from medicine cabinet
- replaced medicine cabinet
- installed hooks (no longer on ikea's website)

- get curtain for shower stall
- repaint back wall

I love the two new mirrors across from each other. It brings in so much light! I also love the mirror that replaced the medicine cabinet. I don't miss the cabinet since I have a nice size vanity with plenty of storage for products. I hung it low and on a slight downward angle to make the most of it (and I'm pretty short and hate high hung mirrors). Even though the bathroom has new tile floors (the broker told me there would be an entire new bathroom, one of the many fibs I was told), they're NOT my taste so I covered as much of it with two bath mats that I cut to fit. I like to cover tile floors anyway; I don't like standing barefoot on tile.

I'm going to live with the changes for a little bit to see what else I'm going to do style-wise. I haven't looked at paint colors for the back wall yet and know what I want for the curtain (white linen gauze) but I haven't looked for it yet. But so far I'm pretty happy with what I've done considering when I moved in, this was the worst bathroom of the three apts I've lived in, and none of them were great!

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