Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What Does Being Organized Mean?

To me, being organized is so much more than just knowing what you have and where to find it. It's not about bins, boxes, labels, or neat piles. It's the act of simplifying to better use and enjoy the things you decide to take into your life; to make the experience of everyday routines like getting dressed and making your morning coffee that much easier and more enjoyable.

For example, with clothes storage you should be able to see everything you need to make an outfit at a glance, which is why I generally insist people separate out the seasons (in NYC it's really a no-brainer). Whenever possible I (re-)designate dresser drawers to house undergarments, pajamas, and work-out clothes. Sweaters, t-shirts, and pants (what most people have in their drawers) go into the closet like in the above pic. For that client, there's no more running around to get dressed in the morning which her husband appreciates as much as she does.

As for the kitchen, I love to designate an entire cabinet shelf for all coffee/tea items; mugs, teas, coffees, french press, sugar, honey and whatever else someone uses for the occasion. Since most clients think it's a crazy idea when they hear it, I usually just do it without telling them. When they see it they generally love it too! I've also cleared out the kitchen junk drawer for tea bags which works nicely too. Such a better purpose for a drawer than to hold 'junk'...

The pics show progress shots so forgive the unfinished looks :)


Anonymous said...

Cool. I have my kitchen (and house)organized in "centers" according to usage. The mugs hang on hooks under the cabinet next to the coffee maker and inside the cabinet I have small baskets. One for teas, one for coffee filters and sweetener, one for crystal light and powdered beverages.
Next to that I keep the canisters with the coffee and sugar. And underneath the counter with the coffeemaker is the flatware drawer. I can access everything I need to have a beverage without taking a step or moving much.

Im not only into efficiency of space but economy of motion. Everything I need to perform a task should be accessible without having to do much more than turning my head and extending an arm.

It puzzles me that more people don't arrange their space that way.

laura said...

couldn't agree with you more! although thankfully not everyone arranges their spaces this way so i can teach them :o)

Gina said...

I've had some small NYC closets, but none compare to the one I'm subjected to in my parents' house in Pittsburgh, PA.