Friday, December 18, 2009

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Since I've already shown you his medicine cabinet, I wanted to show you what else we've done so far in this client's bathroom.

These Muji drawers fit his tiny vanity perfectly giving him easy storage for extra toiletries. And since his vanity is so tiny, giving him hardly any surface space, we decided to install a little shelf over the toilet. We used a white wood shelf from Ikea, cut to size, attached to the side of the vanity with a simple bracket and held up on the other side with his old closet rod (will show you what I did to his closet soon).


Mackenzie said...

big improvement! thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Love your dressing room ! What brackets are you using to hang your closet?

laura said...

thanks guys!

as for the closet, i used a simple rod and shelf bracket like this one from my local hardware store (google for a pic as i can never seem to get a link to work in a comment). i used that with a 8' x 1 5/16" clothing rod cut to size.