Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sorting the Laundry

I've mentioned how to lessen your laundry load, now I'd like to share with you a couple tricks for sorting the laundry.

The first two shots are from my previous studio apartment. The hamper is from Muji (can't find online) that's actually two short hampers I cut and stacked to make one tall one. Two wash bags are attached to the side with Muji wire clips, but a binder clip would work just as well. I used them for the first reason, but there are a few ways to use these:
  • sort out pieces that can go into the washing machine but not the dryer
  • sort out your hand washables
  • sort out your dry cleaning

The last photo shows a large double hamper marked for laundry and dry cleaning using my trusty label maker. If you don't have a label maker, you could easily use a Sharpie and a stencil (scroll down to see the letter stencil), write directly on it, use a piece of masking tape to write on...


carrie said...

Not everyone has space for it, but I found presorting our laundry works best for us ( It does take up more space but we keep it hidden in a closet.

laura said...

love your closet set up carrie, thanks for sharing! looks amazing and super functional :O)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

I have a similar laundry sorter. It is sooo nice!! great tips:)