Thursday, February 11, 2010

You NEED to Read This: Recycling In NYC

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So many people have no idea what the city accepts for recycling. Unfortunately, JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING IS RECYCLABLE, DOESN'T MEAN THE CITY TAKES IT. Check out the charts above and here for a few quicks points you may not have known:

Good news; they take paperback books, window envelopes, magazines, wrapping paper, food boxes including pizza boxes but without food on it!

Did you know they ONLY accept glass and/or plastic bottles and jars AND you must remove the lids? Metal lids can be recycled but plastic caps can not. Take-out containers, yogurt containers, and household glass are NOT taken by the city for recycling and must go in the trash.

More good news; they take anything made of all or mostly metal like kitchen utensils, pots and pans, metal hangers, keys, small metal appliances...

For more info check out NYC website here.


grace said...

fyi--whole foods collects #5 plastics (typically yogurt & take-out containers) as well as brita water pitcher filters.

laura said...

wow! thanks so much for this info :O)

CGdesigngirl said...

Recycling is so confusing here! I have the cling film NYC recycling instructions near my recycling. I wish they'd have a version of the instructions with the plastic number codes. Not all yogurt and take-out containers feel like non-recyclable plastic and I feel so bad for throwing them away.