Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Storage Options For Off-Season Clothes

I'm always on the look out for nice looking storage that's small enough to fit on a shelf, but is large enough to hold more than two sweaters. I say these are for off-season clothes, but they can be used for so many other things, including shoes and boots...

these aren't structured so they're more like zippered bags. better if you are putting enough in it to help keeps its shape. i like the fact it has handles, a front label, and a clear window top.

canvas sweater chests with cedar inserts
the same as above, these aren't structured but they are nice looking and have a great price.

what's not to love about this simple design and unlike the others, this is an actual box so it can easily be used to hold just about anything!

rubbermaid low profile box
also a structured box, love the contrasting stitching and the windows. It's a bit darker in color than shown...

grey storage bags
these are also not structured but they're a nice non-natural canvas colored option.

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