Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Time For the Closet Switch

(my off-season clothes reside in the canvas boxes and
hanging garment bag in my small coat closet)

Mid September and it's time to plan for the season switch. Since many clothes are appropriate for all-year round, you should be able to transition easily while you find the time to do it.

The first step is to clean everything before packing it away whether tossing it into the wash or sending it out to the dry cleaner. This not only prevents clothes moths (moths are attracted to fabrics soiled by sweat, skin, hair, food, etc), but to help unseen stains from setting. And don't forget to get any shoes repaired so they're ready to go when the time comes back around.

When you do pack things away, it's very easy to over-edit so be careful. Remember! When in doubt, keep it...

Here are some great storage options, and these clear boxes are perfect for under the bed if you don't have closet space.


Abbi said...

Hi Laura,

I would love to know more about your wardrobe! It always looks so lovely in photos. You mentioned a few posts ago that you invest in your clothes over other things like fine art, etc. I'm trying to revamp my wardrobe (with basically no money) and am wondering what your tips are for shopping and what types of pieces you think are essential. To borrow from the book "Nothing to Wear?" I have too many (cheap) "frosting/flair" pieces and not enough "cake/foundational" pieces.

AilanthusAltissima said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I never know quite when to switch out clothes and I usually wait too long and then am frantically scrambling through boxes trying to get ready for work on a cold day. I suspect that I subconsciously just want to hang on to summer a little longer....