Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Making Moving Easier Step II

(floor plan option 1)

(floor plan option 2)

Step #2: Create Loose Floor Plan
you need: graph paper, pencil, measuring tape

Measure the new space and with graph paper, draw the space to scale.

If you're moving with your existing furniture, measure your pieces and start playing with placement thinking in terms of function. Figure on a few options, it doesn't have to be ONE master plan. The point is to see which if any pieces may not work so you can donate, sell, or give them away as not to lug them to the new space, or how/where you would store them in the new space. For those smaller pieces you are unsure of, bring them and figure it out after you move in.

If you're not moving with existing furniture, this step is important to get you thinking of how to set up your new space. This is how most interior designers start the process of figuring out what's needed, and (very important) what size pieces, so you're not buying random furniture hoping it will work.

This is to get you started thinking about how you'll use your new space, it's not about making 100% of your decisions. Once you're in your new space, you can see what works and what doesn't. You'll also then see where your holes are and what else you may need.

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riye said...

I'd second this recommendation. My brother did a scale drawing for my place including elevation (because the ceilings are low in places) and it was a huge help. All the furniture fit and it made shopping for bookcases a heck of a lot easier. :-)