Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Moving Easier Step IV

(click on image for larger view)

Step #4: Mapping

Imagine how easy it would be to unpack if you already know where the majority of your things will go? Like the floor plan, this isn't about having everything 100% set in stone. It's to give you a realistic view of what you have (seeing it in print is a big eye-opener), and gives you an idea of how much, if any, additional storage you may need.

MAPPING: Marrying step 1 + 2, give all your things a home within the home keeping in mind how you want to function in your new space. Use a copy of your proposed floor plan to draw it out (use pencil).


Helen X said...

Hi Laura,
I saw the shelf for vacuum in your diagram and remembered a question I keep forgetting to ask you: what vacuum do you use? We have a bag-less upright at home but it's too big and heavy for vacuuming stairs. It's horrible since we live in a 3 floor-townhouse. I've been looking for a smaller vacuum that's easy to maneuver. Do you have any recommendations?

Helen from Vancouver

laura said...

helen: i love the miele canister vacuums, i personally have the olympus which is their least expensive at $300. but they have a number of small canister vacuums to suit different needs. check them out at

hope this helps! thanks for reading!

Andrea said...

Just found your blog via a comment on Apartment Therapy. I LOVE your style! I am devouring your apt. pics as we are moving to a new home next month and I need some inspiration! We have a child so I have been limited in the past over how to decorate. However, we will soon have a more formal living space that I am declaring toy free. I can't wait!