Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Awkward Kitchen Cabinets Part I


(three bins fit in nicely, with a large one in the back)

I understand why this client was an inch away from completely ripping out her kitchen and starting from scratch. This upper cabinet is ridiculous. With a proper cabinet to the left and right, this one is tucked in the corner with a tall skinny door. Why the contractor didn't either put in a standard corner cabinet (angled out), or a corner door with a center hinge I don't know. This is not a cheap kitchen (like mine!), it's a beautiful kitchen in a stunning apartment. Anyway...

The quick, easy, and inexpensive solution is translucent bins that makes getting things in and out easier as well as making sure nothing gets lost in the back. Spices were organized how the client cooks with them, the most often used items in the front. The bins don't look very large but they do hold a lot and I didn't want something that would be too heavy for her to get in and out everyday.


Our Little Beehive said...

We have two absurd cabinets like that and one of them has a gap so large that if you place a mug too close to the edge it will fall through onto the granite counters. I like this solution.

laura said...

i will never understand how someone can install something so obviously dysfunctional like that! glad this helps :O)