Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Few More Kitchen Cabinets


The way I plan a space and figure out how and where to put things, is based around the simple concept that you shouldn't have to reach too much to get the things you use most often. So drawers for lower kitchen cabinets are a no-brainer. The double ones used above come in different widths and depths to accommodate most sized cabinets (measure before ordering, and measure from the hinge(s) as they take away from the cabinet opening width).

In the pantry, the open shelves on the left are shallow but the open shelves on the right are quite deep. The white mesh drawers keep things from getting lost in the back.

Ignore the light and cord in the last two pics. It's temporarily there since the overhead light went out.

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Unknown said...

I'm organized obsessed lately! SO, so happy to have found your blog!