Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Diary of a Move, Continued...

(closet #1)

(closet #2)

This apt has two great clothes closets and I wanted to show the progress we've made with them. Closet #1 has boxed and hanging off-season clothes, special occasion clothes (hanging on the right) with jewelry organizer in the middle. We added the mesh drawer unit after we completely filled the new dresser.

Closet #2 also has boxed off-season clothes on the top shelf, with current season folded and hanging clothes and shoes lining the floor. I'm hoping to make room to use a hanging shoe organizer or store the shoes somewhere a bit more accessible as this client has arthritis and it's not so easy to bend down to see the shoes.

My installer is coming tomorrow to hang art, mirrors, etc. Stay tuned!!

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Anonymous said...

Laura, I have been following your blog for a while and have gotten some great ideas from you. Doing the "Diary of a Move" posts are a terrific idea, and I excitedly read each new entry. They give me a chance to see you in action from afar, and also learn how to reuse as much as possible in a new space. Keep up the good work!