Thursday, March 3, 2011

Diary of a Move, Continued...

Day 6 update:

- installed 4 double hooks on wall and closet doors
- switched out overhead light for glass chandelier
- need to buy dresser (out of stock) for scarves, gloves, etc currently hanging on kitchen door
- impulse purchase of orange rug to be returned, too small

- need to assemble other 2 chairs
- ordered plug-in chandelier

- researching sofa beds
- need to purchase 2 chair-beds

- installed ceiling track with 4 curtains
- want to add 2-4 more curtains
- installed 2 single hooks near bed (you can see them in last pic)
- will order headboard after we get sofa
- need to install sconce
- want new bedding

We're moving right along with the progress of the apartment because:
- we did major edit and organizing before moving
- new space is much bigger than last apt with plenty of storage (4 closets) that don't need major changes
- client made great suggestions; need and placement of dresser + bedroom curtains
- client quick to approve new furniture, lighting, etc


sunny said...

Laura I am loving this series of posts you're doing on the client's move. I've found so much organizing inspiration in them such as the dresser in the closet for hats & gloves and using such pretty lighting to make living areas seem so cozy!

laura said...

actually, the dresser is going in the corner of the entry, not in the closet, though i have done that before :O)

thanks sunny!

Kitty said...

I really love this series of posts, and the peaceful, clean space that you have helped your client create. It's very inspiring!

I'm really curious about the plug-in chandelier that you will have installed above the dining area. Can you please include more information about that in a future post? It's great to know about options for spaces without existing electrical wiring.

Thank you so much!!

laura said...

once it's up i will give all the details on the light. In the meantime, if you click on 'lighting' under labels, you'll see a number of plug-in examples.

thanks for reading!


TheBigManKnows said...

So now Laura has saved my mother's life twice! I'm not sure if she is a professional organizer or a happiness guru! As always thank you for once again breathing life into my mother's living space and in doing so breathing life back into my mother. XOXO Mark

laura said...

ha! no problem. she deserves a wonderful space and i'm so happy she's happy! now for the new sofa bed....

Raena said...

The ceiling track and four curtains is awesome. What a unique way to separate the bedroom.