Saturday, June 18, 2011

What I Did Today: Clothes Closets

(closet #1)

(closet #2)

Since this client is fabulously tall, the shoes on the upper shelf is no problem. Closet #1 has dresses to the left and tops to the right. Closet #2 has black and blue dresses and long dresses. Wanting to keep her bedroom minimal, we put the dressers in the closets.


Masako said...

I am fascinated by what you do, but I have to say... I think I wouldn't like to have my shoes on top of my clothes, is there a sheet of plastic (or else) in between ? How do you manage not to get your clothes dirty without having to clean your shoes every time ? Am I too much of a maniac ? :P

Please keep this blog for a looooooomg time, it is FABULOUS.

Have a nice day :)

laura said...

you could line the shelves if you're worried about it. it doesn't ever seem to be a problem. but you're not the first person to mention it!

thanks so much for reading! :O)