Saturday, October 29, 2011

After 4 Days of Intense Unpacking.... Entry + Living Area

At this stage, things are set up 'for now' so she can function nicely in the space. One of her filing cabinets fits perfectly near the door so it's there for now until we decide a better place or she gets another table. Or maybe we'll leave it there but cover it with a nice cloth (which she has a lot of).

I'm going to suggest a cabinet for pantry items where the leaning mirror is shown in the first pic. She cooks a lot and needs more storage space for the kitchen. The mirror is there for now as it's opposite the bedroom door so she can use it as a full length mirror.

The banker's boxes are all books and cd/dvd's. I lined them up like this without anything on top to give her the idea of how the closed cabinets I'm going to suggest will look. They'll be for the books and give a surface for the TV and other decorative pieces. The last pic shows the things not unpacked; photos, memorabilia, office supplies and some organizational pieces she already had that I haven't used at this point.

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