Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pax Closet New and Improved


A client inherited this Pax wardrobe from the previous tenant which I thought would be great for her husband's wardrobe. Since he's tall I removed the top shelf and installed the hanging bar as far up as it could go, with casual clothes to the left and work clothes to the right. A hook on the door holds his tie rack. It's on the right so it doesn't push against the suit jackets when the door is closed. Two additional drawers hold the rest of his casual clothes. His shoes are in the hall closet. 

The key here is separating out the casual vs work clothes and within those categories, grouping like things together; all shorts together, all work-out together (middle drawer), t-shirts, etc.

UPDATE: Yes nessabirdie, it wasn't so bad to begin with but now everything is much more accessible. This unit is 24"D which makes the shelves (as you can see in the before pic) double deep. The pieces in the back of the top shelf are hard to get without having to move everything in the front. And he didn't want to sit on the floor to get his things on the bottom. The inexpensive drawers make it easy to reach everything and keep it neat and categorized. A picture doesn't show how it is to actually use something and all the details that bother someone like how his ties annoyed him hanging on the bar; it took up too much room and it was hard to see them. Thanks for commenting!


Anonymous said...

It didn't seem to bad to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Neat! The "after look" looks more organized. Just like having a cable nook on the desk, more organized and tidy.