Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How To Choose The Right Apartment

I've helped make moving easier, now here's some tips to help make choosing the right apartment easier. Moving is hard enough, so don't give yourself problems off the bat. Before you start looking, think about what it is you're looking for.

FIRST: what's most important for the apartment; size, location, rent, natural lighting, finishes, outdoor space...

SECOND: what's most important for your lifestyle; area for proper home office, room to entertain, room for a queen size bed...

Living within your means financially is often talked about, but what about living within the physical means of your space? If you have hundreds of books, dozens of shoes, or records, think about where you would store/display them when looking at a space. If you have a lot of stuff, don't get a tiny apartment that you'd have to pack to the rims to hold everything.

- If you have especially large furniture, how will it fit in the new space? Will it limit how you can set up the space?
- If your television is important, don't pick a layout where the sofa can't be directly across from it.
- If you're bad with space planning don't pick something with a weird layout.
- If you have trouble visualizing, take someone with you who is.
- If you have a limited budget and lots of stuff, make sure the space has proper storage so you don't have to buy all new storage furniture.

As an example, in my search, rent and location were the most important things. After that when I saw this apartment I knew the clean open layout would help to keep the small space feeling larger than it is, it had great natural light and the view of the trees in the backyard were the final selling point. And this is a small building (5 apts) not run by a management company, I have greater leeway to make the changes/installs I want.

PS, if anyone knows how to adjust the spacing between paragraphs and make the text black not grey with this new blogger format, please let me know!!! Thanks!


belledame said...

i use the preview settings to correct the paragraph spacing. sometimes it takes a few tries. it's like a single space sometimes appears as an extra line. my text looks black. i've been wondering why so many blogs seem use grey type now. harder on the eyes. especially when the type is so small.

chrisbean said...

A lot of WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editors now default to a double-space when you hit "enter." If that's the case, you can get a single space if you hit shift+return.

I just popped into my ancient/defunct blogger account to test, though, and that doesn't appear to be the case?

My first-resort fix would be go into the code and adjust the line-height and font-color properties, but I do web layout for fun and profit.

laura said...

thanks so much for these tips!

Clare S said...

I go into the HTML mode and remove the extra "
" tags.

laura said...

thanks so much! the spacing seems to be fixed. will keep working on the grey text... :O)

chrisbean said...

another new blogger bug? Some of your category pages have vanished. If you click on "cleaning + laundry" or "shoe + bag storage," for example, its returns no posts with that label.

I did a little more poking around, and it looks like all categories with the plus sign in the title are coming up empty.