Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hanging Pots + Pans Storage

I'm helping this young family settle into their new apt by reusing what they have including these simple Grundtal rails, one of my favorite products from Ikea.

Before installing them we were concerned that having the pots and pans on this wall would make this corner feel cramped so we held it up to make sure and it wasn't a problem. They're both tall so we placed the top bar as high up so things are out of the way yet still easy to access. We placed the deeper pots on top with the pans below so nothing is in the way when you're at the stove.  

This simple idea has made them both really happy to be able to easily access and store everything without taking up precious cabinet space and they love the way it looks. 


Ilona said...

Lovely simple storage solution! I never thought to use them in the kitchen. I was wondering what is the weight is on the rail? What kind of anchors would you recommend for drywall?

laura said...

thanks iiona!

i'm guessing the pots and pans weight less than 10lbs. the weight on a bar like this is distributed so it can hold a lot.

as far as anchors, i rely on my installer to pick the proper anchors for the wall, the weight that's going to up and that have screws that actually fit the piece you're hanging. sorry it's not an answer but you can bring whatever it is you're hanging and ask the guy at your local hardware store...