Monday, November 2, 2009

Making Decisions: The Editing Process

Having moved twice in the past year and a half, I've been going through everything I own again and again, editing and re-editing. Some may call me a minimalist, and while I don't consider myself one, at this point in my life I'm pushing to get as close to that as possible...

I follow these key points when editing:
  • don't force the decision on whether to keep something or not; this takes the pressure off and allows you to think freely and more honest on how you use or don't use things
  • make immediate decisions first (things you have no doubt what to do with)
  • don't box the things you're unsure of in closets, cabinets, and/or hide them behind furniture, allowing yourself to forget about it
  • keep all the things you're unsure of out in a designated area of your home so you have to look at it, if you have a lot, pull out a few things at a time so you're not overwhelmed
As I see these things everyday (remember I'm in a studio, I see ALL my things everyday!) I gain a new perspective on them and I've actually kept a few things I was close to getting rid of and donated a lot more than I thought I would; kept a large frame I haven't used for years (pic above - I'm now looking for a cool print to put in it and I still need to repaint the back wall) and donated a lot of clothes and books that no longer spoke to me. Since I'm allowing myself to take my time with the process, I'm very happy with all the decisions I've made, so far no regrets :O)


sunny said...

I like your thoughts on the editing process. I'm too hard on myself and think I have to decide NOW. Of course I don't. :)

laura said...

we all do it sunny! we have to remind ourselves to take it down a notch and then we make better decisions...