Thursday, November 19, 2009

Apartment Progress... Dressing Area Finished!

(the last time you saw it, with my summer wardrobe)

(now with my winter wardrobe and new drawers)

After living with the dressing area as it was (first pic), I decided I needed more storage. I thought about getting a dresser or small chest of drawers but wanting to keep with a (semi-)minimalist feel for the apartment, needed to keep all the clothes storage along this wall. I envisioned a line of drawers that would give me storage as well as second shelf for open storage.

I looked around quite a bit for the perfect drawers; ones that looked great, not super expensive, and are the right dimensions... Making sure the drawers would sit back a little and not line up with the front of the existing shelf was important to keep the area from looking too packed in.

I eventually settled on these from Muji, one of my favorite places! The drawers are the same translucent white plastic as the Make-Up Bins I've spoken about before and are stackable. They weren't cheap, between $10.95 (1/2 drawer) - $18.95 (double drawer) but considering how they fit the space perfectly, look great, and are a good quality, I think they're totally worth it.


labeck said...

Laura, it looks great! I really love the translucency of the drawers and that you put much thought into what drawers would be the perfect fit there.

Much inspiration as I go into a weekend of organizing a closet that is the same size as your dressing area.

laura said...

thanks! i think if you're going to buy something and take it into your life and home it should be the best if can be, and you love it...

good luck organizing this weekend :O)

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! I'm inspired by your biding your time till you found just the right drawers. I'm also a big Muji fan - it was torture to discover them on a long-ago London trip, and wait 10 years to see them stateside. :-)

laura said...

the way i see it in terms of waiting till i find something just right is, once you find something you love you forget how long you've lived without it. but when you rush and get something you don't really love, every time you see it you get a bad feeling and i don't want anything in my house (or life) giving me bad feelings :O)

Anonymous said...

I saw this on your guest feature and i absolutely think it's superb!! let me know when and if you come to michigan! :)