Saturday, November 21, 2009

Apartment Progress... Bookshelves

Just a quick post to show you some more shots of the third bookshelf. My sister-in-law is at the hospital now delivering my first niece so I need to keep it quick!

I'm so glad I got it, it looks so much better than just the two. The black candelabra is not going to stay there, in it's place I'm looking for either a sconce or table lamp. The empty center shelf is for new books. The boxes on the bottom hold misc papers. For more info and pics, visit my Flickr page :O)


Royall said...

Looks great! I need to pick up some of those bookcases once I move into my new place.

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful, as always! (And congrats on your first niece).

laura said...

thanks guys!

Anonymous said...

Yeah I do agree it looks great!
Too bad the only resemblace to MY bookshelves is that Disaronno bottle. ;D