Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Reader's Questions: Constant Moving + Staying Organized

(me a couple weeks after I moved into my current apt)

samia asks "I'm all about organization as well, but so far am not that successful with my endeavours coz we are frequent movers; as frequent as six months or worst 2 months. It's just my hubby and his projects... dont ask! Any tips or advice as I'm frustrated with my efforts to organize but still losing things and you know failing..."

Moving is truly the worst, so I feel your pain. Sounds like you need to take the time to properly edit and sort all your belongings. I'm guessing from moving so often, there are boxes that stay unpacked which says you probably don't need a lot of the things you have been dragging around with you. Editing down will not only make your life easier where you are now but that much easier when/if you have to move next time. Note: be respectful of your husband's things and don't edit his things without his permission! You wouldn't want him doing it to your things.

Sort your things together (all kitchen, all office, all memorabilia, all clothes, etc) and figure a way to store them where you are now, and reuse these techniques for the next place. There's no need to reinvent the wheel when setting your home up each time.

As far as your husband's things/projects, is it possible to keep those things separate so they aren't in your way? When working with couples I separate the storage for their personal things; things that aren't shared like clothes, personal memorabilia, hobby materials. It's so important to have some areas of the home that's yours only.

If you find yourself having to move again, here are a couple of good resources for you: Real Simple and the Gilbert Guide.

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