Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taking Life Advice From Karl Lagerfeld?

(photo by Karl Lagerfeld)

In the March 2009 issue of Harper's Bazaar was a Q+A with Karl Lagerfeld (a client was clearing out her mag stash so I took a few to catch up on my reading). Although he's a fashion God, I doubted the relevance of his advice for the average woman. Boy was I surprised! His no nonsense, practical (yes, practical!) advice he gave was totally refreshing. Karl telling someone to go deeper and not take fashion as 'end-all-be-all'?! Love it!!

HB: Bright red lipstick, major chandelier earrings: I am constantly searching for fashion pick-me-ups. What do you think are the newest mood boosters?

KL: I am not sure the new 'mood boosters' are in fashion! This is perhaps the moment to think things over. Is your life that flat that you need a new lift all the time? Some people would call you superficial, but as your doctor, I say: Try to look a little deeper into yourself. Fashion is important, but it's not the only permanent booster. Change your hairdo. Reinvent your look. Start at the beginning. Look at yourself honestly, and don't ask me to tell you what you want to hear. I am not here only to please you. My job is also to tell you that it's time for a little change. I hope you don't mind.

You must check out the rest of the article here!


aiisa g said...

I really enjoyed how he emphasized that life is not a runway: one should look like one's own self, but one should figure out what self that is and emphasize that, and how one should evolve and not get get stuck.

Marie Lee Carter said...

wow ! I am shocked by how grounded he is.

Patty said...

Karl Lagerfield is a fantastic fashion guru!

Diane Dorrans Saeks said...


How lucky to have Vicente as a former boss.

KARL LAGERFELD--He always speaks out, and perhaps misses the point about wearing earrings for red lipstick for FUN...not for therapy.
I think he went a little deep here--calling this question superficial. He is bright, charming, caustic, and witty...and he collects books, dozens each day (I see him in bookshops in Paris all the time, his bullet-proof car and driver waiting outside--and I am sure for him they are all temporary pick ups.
Long may he reign.
cheers, DIANE
You are on my list of blog favorites on THE STYLE SALONISTE

laura said...

thanks diane!