Thursday, August 5, 2010

Blog Shout Out

(photo courtesy of bloesem)

(photo courtesy of fabulissime)

(photo courtesy of justdaisy)

I wanted to share with you a few blogs that I've been getting into lately:

This lovely blog is by Irene, born in Amsterdam, living in Kuala Lumpur. Daily updates about design, home and things that make her happy. I think it will make you happy too!

Dedicated to spaces 1000sqft and under, a great resource for inexpensive, DIY projects, and other home resources.

The newest blog from Sunny of morning light, chronicles her personal home organizing and decorating projects.

Hasina blogs from her home in Montreal as life as a self-professed minimalist who's living life to the fullest. She recently posted a link to The Story of Stuff a must see for everyone. She says the same thing I just thought, "I don't know why I've never posted this video on my blog!"

Amanda Talbot is an interiors junkie and lucky us, she shares with us homes from all over the world, showcasing how people relate and use their everyday objects.

Enjoy! What blogs are you reading??


sunny said...

Thanks a million, laura, for including my blogs. :)

I can't wait to read the few on your list that are new to me!!

And yes - I will take a better photo of my newly-organized closet. Got dressed in there today and it felt more like a dressing room. What? I have a dressing room?! sheesh.

Jude said...

THANKS for sharing (I don't post regularly, but your site is one of my fave go-to's :) - clean, simple, happy vibes on all of these...

Anonymous said...

I really liked fabulissime, thanks for sharing. I really connected with her. I wonder if in the past 2 years I was able to get rid of 500 stuff! Well, still going.

We got a kindle ebook reader, so im scanning a lot of my books now and putting them on there so i can get rid of the books! its pretty cool :)

Hasina said...

Thanks for the shout out! You made my day.

I actually don't read blogs very often (even the blogs on my blogrolls ha!) but yours is definitely one of my favorite.