Thursday, August 26, 2010

Disappearing Bookends

Two ways of using simple metal bookends:

#1: in the center of a shelf to hold books in place when a book is taken out. This is so helpful for those with long bookshelves. I often refer to my Housekeeping Handbook and since it's quite large, the books to the left of it used to fall over when I take it out, not anymore.

#2: I didn't like the bookend covering the cover of my book on Steve McQueen (sorry, that's on another shelf), so I placed the bookend inside the cover. For use with a paperback, I would recommend using a large binder clip to hold the cover on.


Clare said...

We got some of these yesterday!

leclubdustyle said...

Are the bookends the ones from Muji?
Also, pretty unrelated but I'm intrigued by one of the books on your shelves, Nothing To Wear? Do you recommend it?
ps: Your blog is lovely, informative and very, very inspiring. I got absolutely obsessed with all your storage solutions featured on your Flickr!

laura said...

the bookends are muji. (FYI: all bolded text are links)

i highly recommend the book! visit their website for more info:

thanks for reading...


Anonymous said...

What a fantastic idea! I always hated the look of those metal bookends, but thought they were necessary on open-ended shelves. I will definitely use this idea!

I'm also going to check out that book "Nothing to Wear."

leclubdustyle said...