Sunday, December 12, 2010

Making Moving Easier Step V

Step #5: Tie Up Loose Ends

In an ideal world, the previous steps would be completed before you move. This step is for after you move.

Use your mapping to get things in place. Start in the kitchen so you can eat with your plates and dishes to feel at home even if your place doesn't look like home just yet. And it gets a lot of boxes out of the way! Leave anything you're unsure of for the end to see what room is left in each cabinet, closet. Don't be surprised if you edit out more while unpacking.

Following your floor plan, set up the furniture to see if it looks as good in person as it did on paper. Play around with placement, even if it's just moving something a few inches. Look to place the pieces you're unsure of; try things you wouldn't naturally, like a dresser in a kitchen/dining area, a bookcase in a bathroom or even a closet...

Using painters tape, tape out where things will go to see and feel how your floor plan works and what size pieces are best. Live in the space for a while to see what if any changes may enhance the way you live there before buying. If you're still at a loss, most furniture stores have in-house designers that can help you at no charge. Bring your floor plan with measurements, as well as your function list.

- Focus on unpacking boxes whose contents you know have to place to go.
- Keep the things that don't have a place yet and out of the way, including furniture.
- Take the garbage and recycling out on a daily basis, it makes SUCH a difference. List your used (clean) packing supplies for free on craigslist for reuse.
- Don't make the mistake of not trying something in fear it may not work. Who cares? If you don't like it, move it and try something else.
- Hang art once all the furniture is in place.

(I've been waiting to do this final post until I had the 'after' shots of the place shown in the previous steps. Sadly, sometimes my client's finish on their own and I never get to see the 'final' set-up and I failed to take progress shots. If I do go back, I'll be sure to show you...)

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