Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Readers Questions: My Wardrobe, Key Points

(I think this pic of me is funny. Yes, it was a
halloween party and I went as myself)

My processes are drawn from my own experiences. I've always been neat and organized but defined my sense of style and created home(s) and wardrobe without following any set guidelines. I wrote out the general processes for you and my clients to benefit from, but now here are some more personal notes...

- The biggest thing is not being influenced by others on how I should look. Growing up, people (strangers mostly) told me I was too thin, too pale, I shouldn't wear black or white... bla bla bla! I'm naturally thin and pale, and after being insecure about it, I decided it was healthier to work with what I have instead of fighting it.

- My look is mainly 'chic' and 'well-put-together' for work, casual, and/or special occasions. My casual dress has always been more dressed than others (I prefer the word 'dressed' over 'dressy' or 'dressed-up'). I'm not talking being dolled up all the time, but my idea of comfortable is not sneakers.

- I'm tactile so if I don't like the material, I don't bother with it. My clothes are mostly merino wool, cashmere, cotton, silk, and the new rayon and polyesters that look and feel like silk. Yes that means almost everything I own is dry-clean only, but I hand wash most of it.

- I've never been a big fan of color though I have worn it before. I like subtly and neutrals are more 'chic' than loud colors and patterns. Though I have a limited palate, I prefer to mix it up over being matchy-matchy; I'd never wear my ivory heals with my ivory handbag.

- I shop by myself. Friends put their values on you, so to avoid the awkward conversations of why I do or do not like something, where to shop and how much to spend, I shop alone.

- As most chain store clothes do not fit me (I'm short and slight), I tend to buy designer clothes. Still, over 1/2 my wardrobe has been tailored. Not only for fit, but when necessary, I have pieces I'm not wearing altered so I like them more.


Anne Living Life said...

These are great tips! I agree about shopping alone too.

Julie said...

Well... all this is great, but if you want to borrow some gear to make a costume next year you know I've got the goods!

Shopping alone is how I get all my fabulous thrifting done. Serious shopping takes concentration. I hate explaining myself. Except to you.

Back to Hallerween- You could go as Posh. The day you came over your outfit seemed like something she would put together.

laura said...

Posh! great idea, and thanks for the compliment, I love her...


Anonymous said...

I shop by myself too, for the exact same reason as you! It seems like every time I do buy something while out with someone else (usually after some urging from a friend) I end up returning it later because I later realize it just isn't me.