Friday, December 24, 2010

Apartment Progress... Kitchen

(just after I moved in)
(sneak peak of my new sofette! next post will show more...)
(click on pics for larger view)

Considering the size of the apt (approx 325sqft) I just wanted the walls and kitchen white so they faded into the background. I immediately repainted all the walls, doors and trim Benjamin Moore Super White; flat for walls, semi-gloss for doors and trim. The cabinet doors were more involved to switch out so it took me a while to get to it. I gave the original doors to my landlord so he can reuse them in the apt upstairs. He didn't mind that I switched them out considering all the other improvements I've made.

The doors were $2 and $3 each (but now for some reason are 2x the price!), and the hinges were $5/door which brought the cost up to a little over $100. The cabinets aren't from Ikea and the hinges didn't line up so my installer had to drill them in. Not easy and as you can see, they're not perfect, but the original ones weren't either. And I don't care, I think this looks so much brighter and cleaner.

The stripes over the stove are the same fabric I used in the bathroom. The lion you may remember from my first and last apt, a souvenir from my sister's trip to Africa. The white boxes over the fridge store lightbulbs, vacuum bags and other household things, my paint kit, and archived items like ski pants, papers, etc. The black kettle and butcher block live on the stove; the butcher block gives me much needed surface area and I only use 1-2 cooktops at once so I don't miss the other two, I did the same thing in my last apt. I use the little black kettle (a castoff from a client) to make my coffee every morning and I like the way it looks so it stays out.


Marie Lee Carter said...

What a difference the white cabinets make! It looks really great and, as you said, fades into the background of all of the other wonderfulness of the apartment. We struggle with an impossibly tiny kitchen (in a tiny 2 bedroom that has a tiny living room), so I appreciate all inspiration. Keeping everything simple, clean and spare is perfect!

aisa g said...

FINALLY got my internet up at my new place. Much massaging items into place, and am glad to reference your images for great inspiration. Can't wait til I repaint in a crisp white as well, makes everything so much happier. The whole swiss coffee, navaho white range of landlords idea of white is so dreary. Love what you've done with your kitchen.


marie said...

Hi Laura,
I really like your kitchen, it looks like a very calming and welcoming place.
I am looking forward to your post about this sofette (love the word :-)), my apartment is as big (or small) as yours, and I live with my husband (and we are both hoarders, although I try to work on this).
I have yet to find a sofa that is small enough for the place.
Hope you have a nice day.

laura said...

thanks ladies! :O)