Friday, January 14, 2011

Organized Medicine Cabinets

(hers: vanity drawer)

These medicine cabinets are from the apt with the chinese cabinet I showed you. Sorry I don't have before pictures but I can tell you there was minimal use of any kind of containers or risers so things were just 'in' there, with no real order.

For her cabinet, using stackable acrylic drawer organizers and acrylic risers creates almost 1 additional shelf. The organizers keep small items together and makes it easier to get things in and out without knocking everything over. Group things by category; cleansing, facial moisturizers, hand and body moisturizers, oral care, medicinal...

The top drawer of the vanity, you can see the center opening that fits around the pipe. The large shallow trays in the back help things from getting lost in the back (it goes back really far), and small trays she already had plus a few small jewelry boxes (the ones you get with purchase) help group everything else.

Click on the pics to make larger and check out my flickr for more detailed info. Happy friday! Though for me, it's really a tuesday...

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Anonymous said...

Oooh, they have some amazing products. I love seeing what items people choose for everyday skincare and beauty! Thanks for posting.