Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Getting a New Camera

(my old camera)
(brother's loaner camera)

My camera hasn't been working so I asked my brother if he had an extra camera I could borrow until I get a new one. I wanted to show you the difference taking a pic in the same spot; the first pics taken with my old camera, the later with his. This will undoubtedly help me bring better shots to show you.

The last shot is just a cute pic of my cats and my new sconce. The white one I've had since my first apt finally broke and I tried having it fixed to no avail. This new one is from Aero Studios.


The Everyday Minimalist said...

Are you on the lookout for a new one?

If it's just a regular point and shoot you want, then I recommend the Canon 880SD IS or something along the Powershot lines.

laura said...

thanks! that's actually what my brother loaned me, the canon powershot S80 :O)

Anonymous said...

Your new settee is beautiful. I hope you are enjoying it.

jenniesaysrelax said...

Looks fantastic - great even w/o the new camera (but it does make a HUGE difference). Need to come over! The couch looks beautiful...xo