Sunday, January 9, 2011

Walk-In Closet: (Almost) Before and After


I don't have a before pic, the first shot is a progress shot taken after I cleaned the shelves (with the magic eraser) and put in the beautiful rug that was rolled up in the coat closet with no foreseen use in this apt. We were so happy it fits nearly perfectly in here.

We used every inch of the closet. Her everyday shoes are on the back of the door, and her boots lined up on the floor (the rest of her shoes and a full length mirror are in the accessories closet). Her jewelry, formerly spread out on her dresser, is now in a hanging organizer and a pegboard. Clear plastic drawers hold very delicate pieces that shouldn't be hung, but want close at hand (she's fabulously tall so reaching this isn't a problem). The closed canvas boxes hold off-season clothing.

There are more pics and more details on my flickr.


FB @ said...

Laura, this looks incredible!!!!!!

What a fantastic job.

(This is The Everyday Minimalist by the way)

aiisa g said...

the magic eraser's really do work magic! love love what is going on here, i bet your client loves to get dresses these days

Vittoria said...

I love what you did with the necklaces! I am going to steal your idea and put a board like that on the inside of my closet door because my necklaces always end up in a tangled mess.