Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Favorite Ikea Piece: Alex

crayons, markers, paints:
clay and art case:
puzzles and beads:

This 6-drawer unit on casters is available in a few different sizes. This one, short and wide is perfect for kids crafts and books. 

Right now it's in this client's open living/dining area so the books are no longer under their coffee table and the crafts aren't piled up on the window sil. We may decide to move it to the kids' room (which I'll show you soon) but wanted to try it out here first since the dining table is used for crafts. 

The kids were so cute when they came home and saw what we did! They thought everything was new (which nothing was) and couldn't wait to dig in...


jenniesaysrelax said...

Dear IKEA -

Please come to KC so I can buy the ALEX among other things!

Yours truly,

laura said...

anytime babe!!

Jennifer said...

I love Alex drawer unit, but before I drive 1 hour + to Ikea, I'm trying to figure out if it will fit two sheets of letter paper side-by-side. Do you happen to know the inside dimensions?

laura said...


the total width of this alex (there's also a tall and short skinny version) is 26 3/8" so i would say the inside is about 22"W. but i will double check the next time i'm around one (this week possibly) and will post it for you!