Friday, June 15, 2012

Studio Office Progress

We added hooks and art in the tiny (but just enough) entrance. A custom mirror nests in the non-functional door frame. 

I especially like her art; not sure if you can read them...'Everyday I'm Hustlin' and 'We Have a Strategic Plan. It's Called Doing Things.'


Anonymous said...

Hi Laura,

What are these bookshelves: (Silver, with three openings). Are they pretty sturdy? I would have similar lower shelves, and more books upper shelves. Also, I recall you liking a miehle -- and I hope to look at one this week. Thanks, much (for this post and all -- very inspiring, always). Pati

laura said...


they're from ikea:

they're study though i have them attached to the wall and to eachother. i have books on them and they're fine, but you can't overload them.

the vacuum is the miele canister, the olympus model. it's the least expensive at $300 but is worth it.

thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Laura, for your quick response. I especially appreciate the detail you provide -- it's very helpful. Thanks for inspiring! Pati

laura said...

you're welcome!!