Monday, June 25, 2012

Small Changes to Transform a Kid's Room

This family is in a furnished rental for a limited time and I'm mostly just helping them to feel at home while they're there, especially the kids.

There was talk about getting a new bed and switching out the bookshelves but I suggested some smaller (and less expensive) changes to start. I made the desk and the lamps using pieces from Ikea. I love the child size Panton chairs as do the kids but even more they love the Flor carpet tiles. I knew these would really make the biggest difference in the look and the feeling of the room. And the best part is all these pieces can easily go with them to their next space.

The books on the shelves came with the apt and since there's no where else to store them, I stacked them 2 deep so the kids can use the shelves below and arranged them by color so at least they look better...

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