Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Are you a list maker? I have a pretty bad memory so I cannot function without them. I have personal lists, work lists, and lists of things to do on the cover of each client notebook.  

The key is having limited amount of current lists (not a link, just wanted to accentuate this point). Having multiple ongoing lists is not the way. Cross things off on one list then when you've gone thru most of it, transfer what's left to a new list and toss the old so there aren't piles of half crossed out lists everywhere. 

"I have always lived my life by making lists—lists of people to call, lists of ideas, lists of companies to set up, lists of people who can make things happen. Each day I work through these lists, and that sequence of calls propels me forward." - Sir Richard Branson in 'Losing My Virginity; The Autobiography'.

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joy said...

your post made me think of a delightful exhibit at the Morgan Library last year.