Monday, September 5, 2011

5 Easy Everyday Things To Make Your Home Nicer

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(image by stuart mcintyre)

- MAKE YOUR BED(s). if it takes you more than 2 minutes (per bed), consider simpler bedding. i have a fitted sheet and comforter, takes me 15 seconds.
- KEEP THE TOILET SEAT/COVER DOWN. seriously, who likes looking into the toilet?
- TAKE OUT TRASH + RECYCLING. i don't understand the storage of garbage, it takes up so much room and quite frankly it smells!
- DO THE DISHES. even if you do it before you go to sleep, it's so nice waking up to a new day with a clean, empty sink.
- OPEN THE WINDOWS. i don't have to explain this one do i?


Anonymous said...

Great post ! I always thought I was "too busy" to do these things until I timed myself doing them one day. Oh the shame! I could NOT believe how little time it took to keep an organized home clean.

One of my pet peeves is a trash can in plain sight in the kitchen. I don't care how expensive it is, how cool it supposedly looks - something that holds garbage is not a design element to me. I see it and I know what's in there. When I had a tiny apt. I kept a tiny trash bin in a lower cupboard, out of sight and emptied it frequently. It wasn't a big deal, and I got used to not having wet kitchen waste hanging around.

Who wants to flush with the toilet open? that fine mist goes into the air!

Anonymous said...

here's an example of my pet peeve.

laura said...

and they did such a nice job on their kitchen otherwise. my pet peeve is in there too; they still have the sticker on the can!

Olga said...

I so agree with you the toilet seat!!! I hate it when my guests leave the cover up... or when I am staying at someone else's house. It's completely offputing even if the toilet is really clean and of nice design, but when it's older with discolored porcelain or stone build-up it's just the most horrible thing to do to your house for no reason...