Friday, September 30, 2011

Reader's Questions: Shoe Storage In An Open Living Space

the trouble spot:
storage bench:
besta cabinet (image courtesy of

Tara asks: "The hallway just off my entry has become a pile of shoes, they're not making it to the bedroom, they're living in the hall. Any suggestions for a narrow, attractive shoe shelves that are 48"W x 7 1/2"D? Thanks!"

Most shoe shelves are just not that attractive, especially if you really have to stare at them from the living room. How about a storage bench? The shoes can go inside, use an open bin within the bench to keep things separated. And it gives you a spot to sit while putting the shoes on and off:

48"W x 20"D x 18"H
comes in chocolate brown, red, and white

How about a closed cabinet? At nearly 8" deep it's great for women's and kid's shoes.

47 1/4"W x 7 7/8"D x 25 1/4"H
23 5/8"W x 25 1/4"H
2 @ $50.00


Gina S said...

I need to think of doing something like this, but on my front porch rather than inside. My inside entry way is too teeny to put a bench, and we take our shoes off outside to help keep the floors clean (we live in a rural area). Once one of my sandals was 'removed' by (probably) a bear or a large dog! So putting a bench or cupboard outside would be a really nice idea.

Anonymous said...

i've often wished I had a large foyer with storage in it.

everyone here keeps their shoes in their rooms when not wearing them. we have a TINY foyer and I've never been able to enforce the "shoes off at the door" rule, although it seems like a nice idea.

I recall being forced to remove mine in frigid weather in a teeny unheated foyer when I was doing a favor for an acquaintance by setting up a kitchen for her.
She was VERY strict on the shoe issue. Bringing many bags of housewares and groceries into her new house was memorable. white carpets and many uncomfortable stops to take shoes on and off.

If there's warm comfy space to take shoes off, put packages and such, it would be good, but socks or house slippers should be provided and comfort too.

Caterine said...

I love all your genius ideas! :)


Raena said...

We have a shoe bench near our front entrance but it definitely fits into the whole design aesthetic of our townhouse. The biggest issue was finding the right one. I searched for months and months even sending the first one I ordered back. But it was worth all the drama in the end. We love it! :)